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Upgrade your kids' shoes

  to have peace of mind 

Do you keep worrying about your kids‘ safety?
Do your kids try to hide in the playground and you are very worried about them? Does it happen while you are at the park, the mall, or in a crowded market and don't notice when your kids run away?

The solution: bote insole

How to use Bote?


Make sure to put the insole in your kid`s shoes before going out.



Bote Insole will notify you,

through a mobile App, whenever your kid goes out of a certain range from you.


That's it! No additional steps!

Now you can relax and

enjoy your valuable time together.

Bote Insole is different

Hard to lose

Kids will not take it off , forget it or lose it easily.

Secure by design

No data is collected and no one else can track your kids.


Very comfortable, non-invasive, kids like to wear it.


BOTE won't be noticed easily by other people.

One year battery

Yes.. it lasts one year. No need for charging!

Endorsed by companies

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