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Upgrade your kids' shoes

  to keep a close eye on them!

How hard it is to keep always an eye on your children!
At the park, on the street, wherever you are.
They run, play, hide...
It's so hard to be parents!

The solution: bote insole

The solution: Bote Insole

Bote is the one and only smart insole for your children that notifies you on your smartphone when they are getting too far.

How does it work?


Insert Bote Insole in your children's shoes.



Bote Insole will notify you,

through our free App, whenever your child goes out of a certain range.


That's it! No additional effort!

Now you can relax and

enjoy your valuable time together.

Bote Insole is different

Hard to lose

Kids will not take it off, forget it or lose it easily.

Secure by design

No data is collected. No one else can track your kids!


Very comfortable, non-invasive, kids love to wear it.


BOTE won't be noticed easily by other people.

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